Connect with prospects. Raise more funds. Make a difference.

takk is a data-driven, end-to-end phonathon solution for schools, companies and non-profits. Stay in the loop by signing up below.
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Made by callers, for callers

Been there, done that. We are callers, fundraisers, students and developers. We know best how to build it better and help you most. 

Complete solution to fundraise for your organization

Avoid the struggles of manual dialing and gift collection. Get everything you need to upload your prospects, connect and process gifts right away.
  • Streamline
    Make the process of fundraising fast and efficient. Create caller accounts, prospect pools, and customized calling lists. Process credit card gifts online, while saving resources and time.
  • Connect
    Mobilize alumni, parents, fan clubs, and anyone who supports your mission. takk allows organizations to directly and easily engage with prospective donors.
  • Improve
    Raise more money by accessing statistics and reports to inform your fundraising strategy. Callers can update personal prospect information while on the call.

Achieve more with less.

takk incorporates everything you need to create valuable connections with prospects over the phone. Minus all the crap you don't need.
  • Call prospects

    Automatically dial prospects and update their personal information and process gifts while on the phone. Call straight from the browser - no calling station needed.
  • Process payments online

    We utilize cutting edge technology to process payments right through the system - without callers ever hearing the credit card number ;)
  • Generate Reports

    Download any type of report you need in an easy to use CSV file - filter based on results, date, gifts, donors - right on your dashboard.
  • Segment Pools

    You have the freedom to segment prospects into different groups, based on any criteria you like. Decide what pools get called for the day and who gets to call them.
  • Optimize Calling

    Our algorithm gives everyone a chance, but you decide how many. We make sure every prospect gets called once before anyone is called a second time. But you choose how many calling attempts there should be.
  • + A lot more!

    Unlike others, we like to listen. Our features get prioritized based on need - if there is a feature you find super helpful, let us know and maybe you will see it in action soon!

Be the first one to know!

We are building. Wanna hear from us?
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You Ask — We Tell

No question is off limits. Have one that we don't cover? Just head to our about page and get in touch.
  • What is the price?

    We are not currently selling or operating, but we are glad you asked! Our pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Unlike other companies, we care about your history and goals. Your personalized price will be determined based on the size of your prospect pool, number of callers you have, size of institution/company and amount of money you have raised in the past. A percentage cut from money raised is also an option. We would love to hear what works for you best.
  • Who can use the software?

    Even though we primarily work with schools and non-profits, any organization that wants to personally connect with their prospects over the phone will benefit from takk. Whether you are a school club or independent company, we would love to hear how we can help you!
  • How many caller profiles can I create?

    As many as you like! We give you access to three types of accounts: admins, managers and callers, and you can create as many managers and callers as you like. You can personally edit them as you go.
  • Do you provide training?

    Our software is so easy to use, but you have to see it to believe it. Even if there is anything you find challenging, our customer service is priority #1. Because we care.
We care about you and your cause. Our commitment to you.
You are up late at night? So are we - with you. We deeply believe in the power fundraising can bring to any cause and the difference it can make in education. We work with you and grow with you. We listen and make it better. The relationship you have been waiting for.
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